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Whether it’s deciding which target markets or what menu items, a common goal is business success. We can even develop custom formulations and products tailored to your bakery or cafe. Just call or email to discuss potential paths forward:

It's difficult to raise the funds needed to undertake special programs; sometimes it's even harder to replace the monies that may have previously been supplied to your organization by other groups. If you're a Southeast Florida organization and you'd

like to have a conversation about ways we may collaborate with you to help you reach your goals, please reach out:

Baking the World a Better Place


There is a lot of math and science that goes into bread-baking. That’s why it’s a perfect way to help children of all ages gain a better understanding of these fields – especially those who are struggling. Our mission is to serve the community through education, and that’s why we’re available to develop a single seminar or multi-day workshop for students of varying ages.



We strive to support our community’s food education and availability programs, from helping aspiring bakers to gain skills needed for gainful employment to participating in events centered around healthy living. We encourage local organizations to reach out to us:

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