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Fresh Artisan Bread

Our Bakery

We started Loafing Around in order to provide great breads to the community. We wanted to dispel the ideas that bread is unhealthy, and that well-made bread is inaccessible. Our breads are offered via subscription and at farmer’s markets. This means that what you get is fresh, and is exactly what you want.  


We are not open every day: our bread baking is limited to small batches three days a week. Baking days are long ones. So on days off, we attempt to have well-rounded lives while developing new offerings.



Each of our breads is made with wholesome ingredients; no preservatives, gums or colors are added. The simple presence of our hand-made starters cause our breads to stay fresher, longer. The slower process we use in making our breads (most take several days to develop) enable us to coax the natural flavors out of the wheats and grains that we use. We invite you to try our ciabattas, pain au levain, and other breads-of-the-world and taste the difference yourself.

And for those of you concerned about your “diets”, the majority of our breads contain only flour, water and a touch of salt. This differentiates our breads from many that you’ll find – at Loafing Around, you’re not getting hidden calories in the form of sugars, strange gels, gums or additives. 

Fresh Sourdough Bread
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