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Toasted Peppery Polenta - Ear

  • Your online orders and subscription choices are prepared and set aside just for you. That’s why orders must be placed 72 hours prior to the pickup date. Likewise, if you change your mind and no longer wish to have your order, we require 72 hour notice in order to cancel your order and issue a refund to the credit card used. Due to the freshly made nature of baking, we are unable to cancel your order or issue refunds if notice falls within this 72 hour window.


    Your order will be available for pickup within the window designated on your order. Your pickup location corresponds to the tab/menu used to place your order. Address details are available on the "Contact" page.  If you are not able to pickup your goodies, you have three options: (1) email with the name of a friend who will be getting them during this timeframe, (2) let us know 72 hours prior to the pickup date, and we’ll be happy to issue a refund to the credit card used to place the order (as above), or (3) let us donate and provide for others. Option 3 will be the course of action if we haven’t heard from you by the close of the window.

    Living in South Florida poses its own set of challenges. In the event that we are unable to fulfill your order (power outages, equipment failure due to storms and power surges, flooding, etc.), we will refund the dollar value of your order to the card used in making that order. We will do our best to notify you in a timely fashion, with the hopes that communication lines are up and running.

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