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Hearth Breads

As monumental changes continue to occur, we are focused on providing new naturally-leavened bread varieties. Sourdough is one of those “good for you” bread types, and we’re pushing the envelope further. Over the next few months, we'll be doing limited production runs of breads that feature different grains in their many forms (whole, sprouted, cooked, etc.). With your “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” input, we’ll determine which breads will be featured in our new rotations. 


This Week's Breads:

  • Old World Sourdough - This tangy sourdough is given extra time to do its thing, resulting in a chewy caramel crust, some irregular holes, and a lasting tangy finish. A light taste of rye results from its long fermentation in the sourdough starter. (Organic/Vegan)

  • Rustic Flaxseed Batard - A healthy dose of flax seeds are packed into our rustic hearth loaf. (Vegan) 

  • Rustic Hearth Loaf -  Organic high extraction and "traditional" wheat flours are blended in an aromatic loaf loaf that is a go-to for sandwich making. (Vegan)

  • People who order 3x/month receive a subscriber discount.

  • Both full & half loaves are available.

  • If you'd like your loaves sliced, please note this when ordering.

...please email for details..

If you’re interested in our growing number of pickup & delivery points, please fill in your address & guard gate info (below). 


If reserving, please specify the drop location on your request. If you'd like to see if delivery is available, please provide your address details.

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