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Hearth Breads

This Week's Features: 

  • Country Hearth Loaf - One of our rotating weekly breads, this all-purpose loaf is made with organic whole wheat and artisan flours that slowly rise overnight. This technique results in a loaf with a creamy finish and mellow sourdough tang (Organic/Vegan) 

  • Toasted Sunflower Flax Loaf - Gently toasted sunflower seeds and golden flaxseeds are mixed into our Country Hearth bread. This loaf has a rich aroma from both the wheat and seeds, and a lasting nutty finish. (Vegan)

  • Black Sesame Hearth Loaf - The untoasted version of our Black Sesame Loaf. This hearth bread is a great “fancy” sandwich option, and may fit the bill for those looking for additional texture without the “super bold” taste of toasted sesame. (Organic/Vegan)

  • Rockin’ Raisin Walnut (with Fennel)  -  A hefty helping of raisins and toasted walnuts are gently mixed into our Country Hearth loaf. We add a touch of toasted fennel for a loaf that’s a flavor powerhouse. (Vegan)  


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  • People who order 3x/month receive a subscriber discount.

  • Both full & half loaves are available.

  • If you'd like your loaves sliced, please note this when ordering.

...please email for details..
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