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Hearth Breads
  • Pain au Levain

  • Cranberry Pecan Sourdough

  • True Decadence

Holiday Options

Reserve Any of Our Breads, Brownies or Blondies Pre-Wrapped & Ready to Freeze Until Your Holiday Event​

Sweeter Side
  • WOW Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies

  • WOW Blondie Bliss

  • WOW Loaded Blondie


If you’re interested in our growing number of pickup & delivery points, please fill in your address & guard gate info (below). 


If reserving items for Saturday, please specify PATCH or Southlake on your request. Note: As of 10/1, PATCH prices reflect a 15% increase. No changes have been made to pricing for any locations or subscrip-tion customers choosing PATCH pickup.

Thanks! Message sent.

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