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Hearth Breads

This Week's Features: 

  • Slow Rise Amarillo Loaf - Aromatic starter, organic flour and a gently simmered porridge of specially curated polenta are combined and allowed to ripen overnight. The result is a moist and flavorful loaf that can stand alone or as the base for a variety of toppings. (Vegan)

  • Sueño Sourdough - Made with organic whole wheat and artisan flours, this loaf "sleeps" overnight before baking. It has a rounded creamy finish and moist tang (Organic/Vegan)

  • Lounging Floridian - This  hearth loaf is moist and a bit more more tangy than the "Floridian Rye". Its slightly chewy texture results from the long fermentation of a rye sourdough starter. (Organic/Vegan) 


If you’re interested in our growing number of pickup & delivery points, please fill in your address & guard gate info (below). 


If reserving, please specify the drop location on your request. If you'd like to see if delivery is available, please provide your address details.

  • People who order 3x/month receive a subscriber discount.

  • Both full & half loaves are available.

  • If you'd like your loaves sliced, please note this when ordering.

...please email for details..
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