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Hearth Breads

  • Pain au Levain (aka "Sourdough")

  • Rosemary Black Pepper Sourdough

  • Toasted Corn & Honey Sourdough

  • Khorasan aka Kamut® Sourdough

  • Malted Fruit & Nut

  • turkish pepper paste and roasted tomato 

  • Morning Barley and Coffee barley four, mesquite,agave, 

Global Finds
  • This Week's Ayurveda-Inspired Blend:Wholesome Harvest 

  • Malty Breakfast Mesquite

  • Gluten Rolls

Sweeter Side
  • WOW Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies

  • WOW Chocolate Nut Blondies

  • People who order 3x/month receive the greatest discount.

  • Both full & half loaves are available.

  • Loaves are available sliced & unsliced.

...please call or email for details..

If you’re interested in our growing number of pickup & delivery points, please fill in your address & guard gate info (below). 


If reserving for Wednesday, please specify the drop location on your request. If you'd like to see if delivery is available, please provide your address details.

Thanks! Message sent.

Order Online Now

If the button above is active, the window for ordering online is open. If you missed it, there may still be a chance to reserve - so email soon!


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