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It's the Simple Pleasures in Life

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Everything is Made Fresh at Loafing Around.

For A Meal
During A Meal
.... And Anytime in Between

The Bakery

My love of well-made bread began as a child; the only problem was that it was practically impossible to find. A penchant for experimentation, science, and never giving up meant that over time, my hockey puck loaves grew into nice-looking, flavorful breads. Once our children were old enough, I traveled the country to learn to bake professionally, from some of the most well-respected bakers across the globe. Our breads are infused with our passion for excellence – from the ingredients we use, through the formulas we develop for our customers, to time-honored methods of hand preparation and hearth baking. We do this for our love of bread and for the joy of seeing our customers relishing each bite. 

naturally leavened breads

known as "Sourdough"

Lots of people think that Sourdough refers to “San Francisco Sourdough”. While that’s one type of bread, sourdough is a name for a larger class of naturally leavened breads.  These breads take much more time to produce, and with increased time, comes increased flavor. The health benefits of these naturally leavened breads are also becoming much better known. We just love that flour, water, and salt can produce such an amazing taste experience – we invite you to try it for yourself. 

 Start Your Day with the Aroma of   

Fresh Bread.

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