Hearth Breads

This Week's Features: 

  • Toasted Sunflower Flax Batard -Gently toasted sunflower seeds and golden flaxseeds are mixed with specially milled whole wheat and bread flours (organic, of course) in this hearth loaf. This loaf has a rich aroma from both the wheat and seeds, and a lasting nutty finish. (Vegan)

  • Sunday Hearth Loaf - Combining features of both sourdough and "traditional" baguettes, this aromatic loaf  features specially milled organic whole wheat and bread flours. It's a bit lighter in chew than traditional sourdoughs, yet retains the aroma of sweet wheat.  (Organic/Vegan)

  • Lil' Sprout - Khorasan - A healthy dose of organic sprouted khorasan is packed into our organic hearth loaf. Sprouting doesn't just make nutrients readily available, it also adds an earthy aroma and nutty texture to the loaf.  (Organic/Vegan)


If you’re interested in our growing number of pickup & delivery points, please fill in your address & guard gate info (below). 


If reserving, please specify the drop location on your request. If you'd like to see if delivery is available, please provide your address details.

  • People who order 3x/month receive a subscriber discount.

  • Both full & half loaves are available.

  • If you'd like your loaves sliced, please note this when ordering.

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